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Lessons from History


Lessons from History

A repository for my work inspired by history, work with extant examples from history, and in the future antiques that will be for sale. 



Bog Seax 

An interpretation of an early seax, specifically of a type found preserved in bogs of Denmark. This example is an interpretation of one of the vimose bog seaxes. With a 2" wide blade, fairly short length, and little to no distal taper.  Rendered in 1075 steel with black walnut and brass pins, this is a heavy duty chopping blade.

Rahjput Parrot head sword and daggers. 

I am lucky enough to call these the first additions to my historic sword collection, this style of sword seems to come onto the scene in the early 1800's, though examples have been found that predate that. With the provenance given to me by the second owner of these swords via the first, we believe these date from the late 18th century. I do not know much about this particular style as resources in the West are limited for researching this specific subset. They were purchased at separate times in India during the 30's, however the original owner believed that they were made together, there are faint tracing of similar khoft gari work on the smaller of the 2 blades. 



An Early 18th century yataghan

This was once a fine example of an Ottoman yataghan, with a fine cut and repousse silver collar and decoration on the hilt. However the dealer scraped the silver off and mounted a deer tine and brass handle. Having removed the replacement handle, it is well on its way to a complete restoration.